Our lentils milled into lentil flour
Wholemeal lentil bread
Our lentil flour - 1kg
Teaching the next generation
Gluten free - lentil and choc chip biscuits
Checking the lentil pods

  Our red lentil flour is:

  • Gluten Free

  • A good source of protein

  • An excellent source of dietary fibre

  • No additives or preservatives

  • Fabulous for gut health

We have made lentils simple and easy to use throughout your cooking.


We hope you enjoy learning about our business, our product and our farm.

Start getting excited about lentils as new 2020 season flour is coming your way!

Our lentils - September
Lentil plant
The Farmers
Red Lentils before they are milled
Choc Chip Lentil Biscuit

Red Lentil Flour


Back after Easter with more flour!

We plant

We grow

We care

High Protein...Gluten Free...Australian Made

Whether you are needing a gluten free flour option or a protein alternative,

our delicious lentil flour can be included into a variety of evening meals and baked goods!

We have taken our harvested red lentils and milled them into a fine flour.

It's soft nutty earthy flavour will compliment your next culinary dish.

From our gate to your plate,

We proudly provide you with a nutritious flour that your whole family can enjoy!

Thank you!

Our beautiful photography was taken by

Melissa Brown Photographer

The other pictures are by yours truly!

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Red Lentils before they are milled