Lentil Flour Pizza Bases

A healthy pizza base,

perfect for nights when

you don't know what to cook!


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We provide busy people with a convenient and healthier, pizza base option.

No need to feel guilty about eating pizza as our bases are full of plant protein.

A quick and easy meal for those nights when you haven't a clue what to cook!


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What have people said so far?

  • "The base is so crispy."

  • "It doesn't feel doughy."

  • "I'm impressed as to how well it holds all our toppings."

  • It is on the thinner side, but I like that."

  • "Our kids ate it with no questions, I found the flavour very subtle."

Time to get excited about our lentil flour pizza bases!


       What are the benefits?

  • Gluten Free

  • Good source of protein

  • Excellent source of fibre

  • No hidden nasties

  • Home grown Pinnaroo Lentil goodness.

From our gate to your plate, lentil flour pizza bases are coming soon!

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Lentil Flour Pizza base
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