Frequently asked questions

How do I use lentil flour?

To begin with: If you have a recipe that requires 1 cup of plain wheat flour, use: - 1/2 cup of red lentil flour - 1/2 cup of plain flour If you have a recipe that requires 1 cup of SR flour, use: - 1/4cup red lentil flour - 3/4 cup of SR flour We recommend to start with adding 1/4 of a cup of lentil flour to your recipes and then build it up until you have a taste that you enjoy! Lentil flour is full of protein and is an absorbant flour. Sometimes you will need to add an extra egg or a 2 tbs of oil to ensure you have enough moisture in your baked good.

What does lentil flour taste like?

Our lentil flour has a soft nutty/earthy taste. Raw lentil flour is slightly bitter. You will be able to taste and smell the lentil flour in your cooking batter however once cooked, the taste is subtle. If you are using lentil flour in an evening meal, it acts as a flavour carrier! You can add it to a Italian inspired tomato, basil dish or in a creamy white sauce - it's very versatile.

Are you organic?

At the moment, we are unable to sustainably farm organically. We stictly adhear to current legislation and make a very conscious effort throughout our operation to grow our lentils in a safe and sustainable way. Lentils are an integral part of our cropping program and help to keep our soil healthy. They replenish nitrogen and add structure to our soil.

You seem pretty excited about your lentil flour!

Haha YES! Not only are lentils extreamly healthy for you BUT we are so excited to be growing and producing high quality lentils for Australian's to consume! Lentils are a vital part of our cropping program as they benefit our soil with natural nitrogen. We have created a very simple product to get lentils back into the pantry. I personally feel good knowing that an ingredient I regularly use provides my family (especially our kids) with an alternative protein source throughout the day! We strive to create a safe, nutritious and healthy product for Aussies to enjoy.

Are your lentils GM?

No - our lentils are not genetically modified.

Do you have a nutritional information on the benefits of lentils?

Yes - check out our nutritional panel Also, this article from Dietitians Association of Australia will provide you with additional information. More interesting lentil articles below: Carbohydrates - What you need to know Dietary Fibre: Key for a happy, healthy gut