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The Pinnaroo Farmer's Red Lentil Flour is a very fine flour with a beautiful colour that can be added to your recipes and can even replace the use of gluten free flour mixes to enhance the nutrition of your meals.


I have found it gives me lovely results in my gluten free baked goods and use it in my savoury dishes to increase the nutrient and fibre content.

Lentils are a rich source of fibre, protein and polyphenols. All of these have health promoting affects on our bacteria and promote gut health.


Fibre is a prebiotic and feeds the bacteria in our gut, protein is a building block in the body and helps to keep the gut lining intact and polyphenols have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and have been correlated with preventing degenerative disease in humans.

Danielle Elliot, Nutrition & Gut Health Expert

Tummy Rescue

Adelaide SA