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The Pinnaroo Farmer

Being a farmer involves many people.  We are very fortunate to live in a small vibrant rural community.  We have supportive friends, family, neighbours, local businesses and consultants whom we can't thank enough.


Farm Pictures


Someone else watching the sunrise too!
Hay Hay 2020
Smoko - harvest 19
Winter sunshine in the Canola
Mallee sunrise April 20
Exploring puddles
Moving our hay 2019
Seeding with Grandpa April 20


What's happening on the farm now?

Watch your lentils grow!

March 2020

A welcomed sight at the beginning of March!
This is usually a time where we do odd jobs around the farm, basically repairs and maintenance. Towards the end of March we are getting our machinery ready for seeding.

April 2020

Seeding time - We spend 4 weeks sowing our farm. We usually start around ANZAC day.

May 2020

The lentils are in and we are waiting for them to emerge. We've had a wonderful wet start to the year which is important for seed germination. 
The straw you can see is called stubble, this is from the previous crop.  Retaining  stubble increase our soils organic matter.

June 2020

Yes the lentils are up and looking good.  We have had a chilly start to winter with over 50 hours of frost in 1 week! The frost hasn't damaged the lentil crop. We are now looking forward to some more rain.

July 2020

We have had some lovely rain.  We are just catching up on odd jobs around the farm and continue to monitor the health of our crops.


August 2020

The lentils are just about to flower! The season is looking great so far.  We still have a risk of frost which can damage our crops.  This tends to happen in September and October.  Fingers crossed we get a little more rain before Spring really sets in.

September 2020

This month we have seen some lovely rainfall! Skeet has been busy monitoring the health of our lentils by sweeping the crop with a bug net. 

October 2020

As you can see, the lentils are starting to go yellow.  This is perfectly normal for this time of year.  When it has completely browned off, then we harvest. The pods are looking nice and fat! The lentil is still green inside. 

November 2020

Lentil harvest has started! This is our first commodity to be harvested.  We have had no breakdowns so far and the lentils are yielding MUCH better than we expected. Our Barley will be next!

December 2020

Harvest is in full swing and we expect to be finished by mid December.  We are so relieved that our yields are better than the last two years.  So far we have just had some cool wet weather holding us up.  After a good year we are looking forward to some time off over Christmas.  Well that's the life of a lentil, soon to be milled and packaged off to your kitchen!

Thank you!

Our beautiful photography was taken by

Melissa Brown Photographer

The other pictures are by yours truly!

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