Why lentil flour?

Our BIG dream is:

  1. To be leaders in Australian plant based protein products

  2. To use locally grown red lentils from our farm and other Pinnaroo farmers

  3. To produce nutritious red lentil flour whilst taking care of our soil

  4. To encourage more people to eat Australian produce


So, WHY are we doing this?

Skeet and I enjoy growing lentils as they are a vital part of our farm's cropping rotation. They help to keep our soil healthy by providing structure and nitrogen.

Red lentils around our district are predominantly grown for the export market.  A few years ago lentil farmers were hit by overseas export tariffs of up to 40%.  This made the decision to keep growing lentils challenging.  We persisted as lentils are an integral part of our soil's health.

After the tariffs, our region experienced severe frosts and low rainfall for two consecutive seasons. Therefore our lentils became weather damaged (some chips, dents, cracks) and were rejected from the export market purely based on visual specifications!

Basically, they didn't look good enough for the packet.  What do we do with them now?


We were frustrated and had a nutrition test done on these lentils.

The results were AMAZING! These little lentils looked a bit dented but definitely retained ALL their goodness! They were still high quality why aren't we eating them?

Now what?

The final part of this story is thanks to our youngest daughter who isn't a very good eater. We were advised that she needed more protein in her diet...but she hated the texture of meat. 

Here my friends, was the beginning of our lentil flour idea!

We decided to use our quality lentils that were slightly chipped and mill them into a fine GF flour which can be used in your baked goods and evening meals.